Welcome to the website of St Christopher's Catholic Church, Cheam, situated in the heart of Cheam Village and part of the Archdiocese of Southwark and the Deanery of Sutton. St Christopher's is a friendly parish with a strong sense of shared values and community support. It offers many activities, details of which can be found on this site, and the weekly newsletter provides information on current and future events. We hope you will find our site useful and invite you to contact us via the parish office for further information.To find out more about our Parish please (click here) for our Parish Directory.

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As we are unable to attend Mass because of the current COVID-19 restrictions, here are some useful links: 

Mass Online & Daily Liturgical Resources:

To find a weekly schedule of live-streamed Masses: http://www.churchservices.tv
Each day, Vatican News live-streams Pope Francis' 6am (GMT) Masses at Casa Santa Marta on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vaticannews/ and
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxIsefyl9g9A5SGWA4FvGIA
The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham live-streams their 12 noon Mass:
Prayers for when Mass cannot be celebrated publicly, prepared by the Bishops' Conference:
Live Streamed Masses:

Archbishop John is celebrating Mass from St George's Cathedral at 10.00am on Sunday: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr5pOWykDRh4v042c7n_vYA

Please visit www.rcsouthwark.co.uk for more resources including the live- streaming of Mass

Children's Liturgy: https://cafod.org.uk/Education/Children-s-liturgy


ARCHBISHOP JOHN invites everyone in the Diocese to join him for a special online gathering on Wednesday 27 May. He will be leading a live streamed May Devotions, including a Scriptual Rosary at 7.00pm from the Cathedral. At this time when we are asked to be more isolated than usual it is an opportunity to "spiritually gather" together.

Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel "RC Southwark".



God bless you and keep you and your families safe. 

Mass is celebrated each day in St Christopher's. The following intentions have been fulfilled: 

             16 May          Eileen Sullivan RIP

             17 May          Mass celebrated

             18 May          People of the Parish

             19 May          Mons and Maisie O'Brien RIP

             20 May          Edward and Gisella Brzezinski RIP

             21 May          People of the Parish

             22 May          Christina Long RIP 

St Christopher's parish church will fully re-open eventually, but when and by what stages cannot be predicted. 

There is talk of some establishments, such as pubs and restaurants, opening with, at first, arrangements to preserve the 2m distance between people. 

Such a first stage might be possible at St Christopher's for weekday Masses, Baptisms, Funerals, Sacrament of Reconciliation and special occasions such as First Holy Communion. But such a step does not appear possible for Sunday Masses. I have been around the church with a tape measure and have calculated that the 2m rule would only allow for a congregation of 40 - or perhaps 60 if households sat together. The average total attendance at Sunday Masses is 500 - 550. 

I cannot think of a scheme that would not be objectionable (such as turning parishioners away when the safe complement has been reached), that could be effectively implemented and would not involve a very, very large amount of organisation and management. 

We must pray that God in his providence will provide a solution. 

* * * 

Dear semi-Lockdowners, here, as I promised last week, are some of the findings of my survey of the shops and businesses in the centre of Cheam: 

I counted one hundred and eleven of them. There are twenty restaurants and cafés; only one restaurant - 'Superfish' on the corner of Park Road - is wholly committed to serving good, nourishing English fare. 

The ladies are catered for by six hairdressers, three nail bars, three beauty parlours and four dress shops/dressmakers. 

There are seven estate agents; very few of the properties that they advertise are within the price range of the average first-time buyer. 

Seven premises are vacant - a sad sign of the times. 

The High Streets of yesteryear are represented by two bakers, a greengrocer, a butcher, a hardware shop, a haberdasher, two chemists and a newsagent/tobacconist. 

There are no banks and no Post Office. 

* * * 

The emergency has caused the cancellation or postponement of many sporting events. Among them are the 2000 Guineas and other important flat races, the Olympic Games, the European Nations Cup, several golf tournaments and Wimbledon. 

The cancellation of Wimbledon might cause there to be a superabundance of strawberries in the shops - provided, of course, that enough people can be found to pick them. 

One contest that will take place is that between Boris 'Hot Air' Johnson and Michel 'Cool Dude' Barnier. Place your bets. 

* * * 

Waitrose Bulletin

Tuesday 19 May, arrived 12.30pm, shortish queue, moved forward steadily, purchased some CTFs (not CF but they will have to do), noticed an item called 'garlic bread' - what an abomination! 

I forgot to include in my selections for Room 101 - avocados and 'Top Gear'. 

* Cricketers call number one hundred and eleven 'Nelson'. Do you know why? Do you know why the term is not wholly appropriate? Answers next week. 



Bernard Winn's weekly messages to parishioners can now be found on the 'Newsletters' page.


National Mass for Keyworkers and Families

The Bishops' Conference have organised a weekly live stream Mass to pray for Keyworkers and their Families. These Masses are celebrated by a different Bishop each Thursday at 7pm from one Cathedrals across the country. Archbishop John will be celebrating the 2nd July Mass. The planned schedule for the next few weeks is: 

28 May
Bishop Terence Drainey
St Mary's Cathedral, Middlesbrough
YouTube Channel

4 June
Bishop John Arnold
Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, Salford
Salford Cathedral on churchservices.tv       

11 June
Bishop Patrick McKinney
St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham
Nottingham Cathedral on churchservices.tv

18 June
Archbishop Bernard Longley
St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham
St Chad's on MCN Media 



Financial Support of the Parish

We have had a good response to our appeal for those who normally contribute their financial support to the parish by cash to switch to either standing orders or bank transfers.

However, even with those new bank transfers our income has been reduced very substantially, so will those who have not yet made the change, please consider doing so as soon as you are able to.

Details of Bank Accounts

There have been difficulties with entering the name of the parish account into banks online systems. Please try using the following name: ROMAN CATH ARCH

So the full details are:

For Gift Aid donors the bank details are:
Account name: ROMAN CATH ARCH
Sort code: 60 24 28
Account number: 35077573
Please note that in order to contribute via Gift Aid
(and thus allow the parish to benefit from an effective bonus of 25% from the
government) you will need to have signed a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD). If you would like a Gift Aid Declaration, please contact the parish office by email or telephone.

Please note that for Gift Aid purposes, married couples are treated separately. One cannot make a donation against the other's Gift Aid Declaration. The only exception is when they use a joint bank account. So if there is no joint account, a wife wishing to make a donation separate from her husband (who has signed a GAD) will need to sign a separate GAD.

For non-gift aid donors please use this account:
Account name: ROMAN CATH ARCH
Sort code: 60 24 28
Account number: 35077565
If you encounter difficulties in setting up your standing order or bank transfer, or would like a Gift Aid Declaration to complete, please contact the parish office by email or telephone.


28 April 2020 

Ivan Pedropillai RIP

We are sorry to report that Ivan Pedropillai has died, just a few short months after his wife Indra, who passed away in January.

Ivan was a Minister of the Eucharist and a Reader at the 6.00pm Mass on Saturday and Gift Aid Organiser for the parish for a number of years. He and Indra were a great support to the parish.

We extend our prayers and sympathy to his family, especially to his son and daughter, at this sad time.

May he rest in peace.


10 April 2020

Chris Devereux RIP

It is with heavy heart that we inform you that Chris Devereux has died, the first victim of the Covid-19 virus in our parish (as far as we are aware).  He passed away quietly at St Helier Hospital with the dedicated care of the NHS staff at 4 pm on Good Friday, while we were celebrating the death of Jesus on the cross.

Our immediate thoughts and prayers are with his beloved wife Jane and their 3 daughters, Hannah, Claire and Laura who have been deprived of the normal basic rituals of death and mourning in these cruel times.

Chris was a good man, a committed Christian. Like his parents before him, he was a pillar of our parish. In all he did Chris was passionate, enthusiastic and energetic: cycling, photography, the Nomntu Project for a deprived village in South Africa in which he and Jane involved our parish in fund raising social activities.

He was a minister of the Eucharist at the 8.30am Mass on Sunday, a Catenian; with Jane they were long term members of the Teams of Our Lady, supporting Justice and Peace issues, the Common Good and engaged in moral and political issues.

He remained cheerful and sweet natured, his normal warm and friendly self as he battled with the memory loss due to early Alzheimer's disease. Together with Jane, the Devereux were a model of Christian married life. He will be sorely missed by the many who knew him. May he Rest in Peace.


MARCH 2020


In order to comply with the advice and regulations of the Government, the Bishops of England and Wales have decided, with great sadness, to suspend the public celebration of Mass and the public celebration of all other liturgies until the present emergency is over.
This is how the parishioners of St Christopher's will be affected.

This will be celebrated privately by the priest each day.
As far as possible, the intention of the Mass will be for the one requested.  Inevitably, some Mass intentions will have to be deferred until the present emergency is over. The Mass on Sunday will be for 'the People of the Parish'.

Except in danger of death, Baptisms will be deferred until the present emergency is over.

These will be celebrated at crematoriums and cemeteries.  
Masses for the repose of the soul of the deceased will be deferred until the emergency is over and when family and friends can gather.

Sacrament of the Sick ('Extreme Unction', Anointing of the Sick')
This sacrament may only be taken to persons in danger of death.

First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
The celebration of these is deferred until the present emergency is over.

Parish Rotas
All rotas are suspended until the emergency is over.

The Parish website will be brought up to date as often as is possible. 

If you know of any other member of the Parish community who does not have access to the modern methods of communication, please do your best to keep them informed.

We must not lose our sense of being members of the Parish, the Archdiocese and the Universal Church.

We will be deprived of the communal celebration of the Eucharist, let us renew our private and family prayers.

May Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and all your families and friends and keep you all safe.